Founded in 1999 to produce the furniture of designer Joseph Walsh, W/Workshop has become one of the preeminent workshops in Europe, fusing mastery in making with innovative techniques. Producing Walsh’s challenging designs have pushed the boundaries of working with wood, resulting in a significant body of knowledge around the material and its potential. W/Workshop has initiated many linkages over the years with leading professionals such as ARUP engineering consultants (who provide GSA Analysis) and Robert Ingham (former principle of Parnham College 1976–1996).
It has also built an international team of craftsmen who come from backgrounds such as the Furniture College Letterfrack, Ireland, Shinrin Takumi Juku, Japan, and Les Compagnons Du Devoir, France. Today W/Workshop continues to build skills and accumulate its knowledge of working with solid wood: carving and shaping, bending and manipulating, often employing wood in ways normally associated with engineering.