Falling Dansu

A dialogue with O’Donnell + Tuomey. A contemporary reinterpretation of the bureau desk, Falling Dansu brings to mind the tradition of cabinets of curiosities. Hanging on the wall as a mysterious architectural object, the front panel folds down to reveal a luxurious and highly personal inner world. 
A series of moveable wooden boxes hang above the desk; sliding from side to side and back to front they reveal an array of compartments for pens, papers, books, and the trinkets of travels and modern life, while a secret drawer provides a safe hiding place for passports and love letters. Constructed from the highest-quality solid Ash plywood, Falling Dansu epitomises the finest of contemporary cabinet making. The mitred joints producing a purity of form, while the softly sandblasted outer surface reveals the beautiful pattern of the grain, creating an abstract art-piece unique to each desk. 
1.09×0.74×0.44 m
42.9×29.1×17.3 inMade to order
€14,000 + VAT