History Chair

A dialogue with Design Partners. As with each individual’s personal history, every object has a time-line far longer than that of their own creation. The History Chair seeks to embody this sense of time and pre-history; the prior life of the material, of the designers, and the a priori idea of the chair itself.
The essence of the History Chair is about craftsmanship and humanity, authenticity and permanence. Formed from solid ash, each chair is individually crafted, the exposed grain of the wood making visible the history both of the tree from which it came, and the skill of the craftsman in the careful shaping of the surface. The History Chair is available with a leather pad, or a fabric or leather wrap.

0.70×0.82×0.56 m / 27.6×32.3×22.0 in
Made to order:
Wooden with leather pad: €3,000 + VAT
Fabric wrap: €3,500 + VAT
Leather wrap: €3,500 + VAT