When designing a new chair, we feel that it is important for designers to ask themselves why. With many millions of chairs created throughout the course of human history it is highly likely that there is at least one already in existence that meets your needs. Chairs are seductive for designers though, they are one of very few objects that our bodies occupy and engage with so intimately.

There are many reasons for wanting to design a new chair however, and with so many created over time chairs can be viewed as cultural markers. Each one reflects the wishes, desires, circumstances or needs of those that commissioned or made them. It is significant therefore that we are working during a time of intense self-reflection in Ireland; there is a renewed appreciation for what is real, what is authentic, and what is important, and it is those values that we want this chair to embody.

Part of the search for authenticity is a question of understanding history, knowing where we have come from. As Cathal and Peter describe it, they always try to create work that has a past, but feels absolutely present. We want to create a chair that has a sense that it has lived a previous life, and has reached a state of harmony and identity out of that life.

Author: diadimo

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